We offer the option of automatically reoccurring payments for clients who seek to tan month to month. We only require a 3 full month minimum, no year contract or cancellation fee (unless terminated early). For a 1 time sign up fee of $29.95, you can receive up to $20 off the monthly price of unlimited monthly tanning, spray tanning, or both along with many benefits such as:


* FREE Mystic HD Spray Tan session

* FREE Beauty Angel session                              * 25% off lotion bottles upon sign up                  * 15% off lotion bottles ongoing

* FREE pair of Peepers                                         * 15% off all apparel & accessories                        * 50% off all upgrades

* 3 FREE Complimentary Visit Passes              * 50% off all spray tan sessions                              * Monthly freebees!


Turbo Bed

Super Turbo

Our Level 2 Turbo bed operates to a 20 minute maximum and is a great option for building a base tan. We recommend this level to our beginning tanners.




Our Level 3 Super Turbo bed operates to a 15 minute maximum and includes three halogen facial panels. We recommend this level to our intermediate tanners or those who prefer to keep their face unexposed to the UV rays with the option to control the facial bulbs.



Wave Bed

Stand Up

Leg Bed

Mystic HD

Our Mystic HD Spray Tan package offers unliited access to our spray booth in a range of different shades. We recommend this package to customers who prefer to build their bronze glow the UV-Free way. 


Light - $65.00/month

Medium - $70.00/month

Dark - $75.00/month

Organic Medium - $80.00/month

Our specialty Legacy Leg bed operates to a 10 minute maximum and is a great option for building color on your legs. We recommend this level to our clients who have a difficult time gaining even tan on their legs.




Our Level 5 Wave bed operates to a 12 minute maximum and offer many upgrade such as facial bulbs, a shoulder UV panel, side UV panel, and facial fans. We recommend this level to our experienced tanners due to its high wattage and upgraded features.




Our Level 4 Stand Up booth operates to a 9 minute maximum and is a great option for getting all around coverage. We recommend this level to our advanced tanners due to its high wattage.




Beauty Angel

This package permits unlimited access into our Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy bed. Results of this technology are typically noticable after continuous use, therefore we recommend this ongoing package to obtain the best results.


$35.95/month (adding to current)
$49.95/month (Beauty Angel only)

Our Diamond Level package permits access to every UV level that we offer as well as unlimited Mystic HD Spray tanning. This is considered our all inclusive package and recommend it for customers who enjoy both ways of building their tan.




See what people are saying

"Best expereince ever! Great knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a very clean enviroment. I felt very informed on the different levels of beds. I was given a tour of the facility before making my decision to stay and tan. I would highly recommend to try them out!!!!"


Stacy B. | Acworth, GA

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Monday - Friday:  10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday:                10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday:                   12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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