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VIP Club Membership

We offer the option of automatically reoccurring payments for clients who seek to tan month to month. We only require a 3 full month minimum, no year contract or cancellation fee (unless terminated early). For a one time sign up fee of $25.00, you can receive up to $20 off the monthly price of unlimited monthly tanning, spray tanning, or both along with many benefits such as:

  • FREE Mystic HD Spray Tan session

  • FREE Beauty Angel session                     

  • 25% off lotion bottles upon sign up                 

  • 15% off lotion bottles ongoing

  • FREE pair of Peepers                                       

  • 15% off all apparel & accessories                       

  • 50% off all upgrades

  • 3 FREE Complimentary UV Visit Passes            

  • 50% off Mystic spray tan sessions                             

  • Monthly freebees!


For more information, check out our VIP Q&A!

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Monthly Auto Draft

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