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Listed below are some frequently asked questions about the VIP Membership regarding the terms. If you have any further questions, feel free to call our salon or email us through the contact page!

When will I be charged each month?


Our bank automatically drafts all VIP accounts on the 1st of each month.


What benefits am I entitled to as a VIP Member?


Upon sign up, each VIP Member will receive a free pair of Peepers, 1 free Mystic HD Spray tan session, 3 complimentary visit passes, and 25% off all lotion bottles. Ongoing benefits include 50% off all Mystic HD Spray tans for personal use, 15% off all lotion bottles, 15% off all apparel & accessories, 50% off all upgrades, and monthly freebies.


What use can I get out of my complimentary visit passes?


You have the option of giving the passes to others or personally using them for single upgrades to a higher level than your current membership. The passes are valid for UV use only and have a value of $10 each. Only one pass can be used at a time.


How long am I "locked in" to the contract for?

We only require a 3 full month minimum, however the automatic draft does continue until you submit your written 30 day cancellation notice. For example, if you sign up on November 13th you will be charged a prorated rate for the rest of the month and your first full month of the required 3 will begin on December 1st when you are drafted the set amount.


How do I cancel my VIP Membership?


We require a 30 day written cancellation notice to be submitted in the salon. For example if you have fufilled your full 3 month requirement and do not want to be charged for "December", make sure to submit your notice by November 1st.

The cancellation notice can be downloaded HERE or you can fill it our during your next visit in the salon.


How do I freeze my VIP Membership?


We require a 15 day written freeze notice to be submitted in the salon. Similar to the cancellation process, you must fufill the 3 month minimum requirement in order to be eligable for the freeze option.

The freeze notice can be downloaded HERE or you can fill it our during your next visit in our salon.


How long can I freeze my membership?


You can freeze your membership for a maximum of 6 months. If you have not reactivated your membership within 6 months, your membership will be cancelled. 


Can I use my membership at both locations?

Yes, you can utilize services at both locations. However, due to price differences, a small fee may apply at the Woodstock location.  


Q&A for VIP Members

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