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About Us

Tropic Tan is a family operated company providing professional tanning services and products in a spotlessly clean environment. We encourage you to subscribe on our website. Once registered, we'll send out timely newsletters with special discounts and other incentives to make Tropic Tan Salon your choice in tanning salons.

Whether you're a first timer at our facility or have been coming in for years, we want to hear from's your feedback that helps us provide a better service to you. Please feel free to leave a testimonial or contact the owner, Sharon Herd.

Tropic Tan tanning suites adhere to an "Extreme-Clean" policy and are inviting as well as comfortable to make your tanning experience a pleasure. You will find our caring, knowledgeable staff eager to serve you. If you are a new or intermittent tanner please let us know and we will be happy to direct you to the best possible bed for your tanning needs.

We now offer extended hours and take our last appointment at close. There are NO UP-FRONT fees, contracts to sign or initiation/membership fees. We offer reasonable single session rates and discounts on monthly, semi-annual and annual packages as well as student discountd. 

Our beds include: Ergoline tanning beds, Stand-Up beds and Leg beds. We have Red Light Therapy as well as a complete line of tanning lotions to fit every need. The beds are serviced regularly -and we ONLY use new, quality bulbs in our all of our beds.


Tropic Tan has also expanding by adding additional tanning suites and services that include the Mystic Spray Tanning Booth, Custom Infinity handheld Spray, The Fit Body Wrap, The Wave bed, swim suits, sun glasses, gift baskets and more.

We want your tanning experience at Tropic Tan to be fantastic! Please let me know how to best serve you - I am onsite most days.

Sharon Herd - Owner

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